Fundamental Dog Cleaning


There is a sense of pride that the owner of the dog feels every time he or she walks with a dog that is well taken care of.    conversely, taking care of an animal may take some time, and there is a need for the animal owner to practice a lot of care and attention.    Dog grooming is a procedure that involves the whole upkeep and conservation of the animal’s features such as nails, eyes, fur among others.    Grooming is an activity that can be done by the owner.    For animal who are very much occupied, they can engage someone who can do the cleaning for them    It is important to point out that grooming is dependent upon the breed and the type of hair that the dog has.     There are numbers of dog boarding that can be done to the animal.    The ensuing are some of the methods.

Hair brushing and cutting.    In this category of grooming at, the activity is aimed at developing relations between the owner and the animal.     It is imperative to conserve the hair covering of the animal.     Depending on the owner, there are specifications for the brushing of the hair.     For the long hair breed of dog, brushing can be done on a daily basis to prevent tangling of hair.      For dog whose hair is intermediate, there is need to ensure that they are brushed at least four times in a month.    Lastly, for the short hair, they can basically go for a month without brushing, and they will be okay.     For those breeds of dogs with long hair, the requirement to shave the hair should at least be done after two months.

Reducing the nails to a controllable height.    People have expressed discomfort in doing this due to the detail that neither of the animal nor the owner like the process.     there is fear of hurting the dog as many explain the situation.     consequently, it is mandatory for the owner to have a practice in the nail trimming process.     For those people who are new to the process, it is highly recommended to seek help from vet. Know more about dogs at

Bathing of the dog.    Dog bath should at least be done twice in a month subject to the owner.     There are favorable places that the owner can swiftly clean the animal which include the tub.     For puppies, the owner can use the sink since they are small.    However, during the washing, it is recommended not to apply soap on the eyes or even on the mouth of the dog.

As I finish, there is need for the owner to consider taking care of the eyes and the ears.    Importance of taking extra care of this places is the fact it can be a breeding zone for the infectious microorganism such as fungi and bacteria.      There is need to be cautious owing to the fact that ear disease may arise as a result of not taking care of the dog.

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